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Scoop Rocker Line
A balanced curve with zero flat spots throughout the whole bottom has proved its performance over the years. The result is early planing, smooth and controlled turns on the wave and in the gybes, combined with a comfortable ride.
A short and modern outline with a narrow tail ensures you will have the most wave riding fun in any conditions, from small messy waves to BIG point breaks!!
Rail Shape
Thinner at the nose to reduce weight, running into a harmonic mid section that allows the rail to dig into the water for carved turns when the rider’s weight is moved forward and more floaty rails when closing turns and steering the board over the back foot. Sharp, thin rails in the tail for optimum water release and grip in any turn.
Bottom Shape
Slight vee in the nose area prevents it catching on upcoming waves/chop. Single concave through the mid section provides lift whilst also giving a cushioning feeling, which is softer to ride and allows it to plane earlier.
The sharper centre line is due to a double concave under the footstrap area that lets the board track better and the more negative rails have increased grip in the turns. Flat vee in the last 20cm of the tail releases the water quickly and smoothly and minimises turbulence for all performance aspects.
Deck Shape
Maximum volume provides flotation on light wind days, making the true excitement of wave riding in smooth glassy water possible. Slightly rounded deck shape provides the perfect balance between having grip under the feet for jumping and allowing the toe/heel contact with the board for wave riding.
A variety of inserts in the front allow riders to alter the angle and position of the footstraps to suit their style and foot size.

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