About us


Recharge is a brand which helps people to refill their batteries through water sports. Isn't this the whole point of windsurfing?

The rhythm of nowadays life is very stressful and fast. When you finish with your working duties, take some time for the family and do some work around the house, the day is over and you just fall in bed. And repeat everything the next day, the day after, day after day… If we don’t wish to burn out, it is necessary to recharge our batteries. Many psychologists believe that recharge batteries is the most effective when we engage in an activity that does not allow us to think other than just here and now. In windsurfing we constantly need to think about conditions and unpredictability - so we are forced to disconnect problems and it is in this state that charging takes place - RECHAGE.

The man behind everything…

Tine Slabe has been a pro windsurfer for 12 years where he started as a freestyler, entered to slalom and finally did some amazing speed results. Over those years he was involved in developing boards, sails, tested endless fins, masts and was always interested to bring the sport to another level. After a successful windsurf career as a professional freestyle and slalom sailor, Tine Slabe was involved in many different windsurfing projects. He decided to use his vast knowledge and launch on the market high quality and price-affordable products. All Recharge products are built with use of Tine’s personal touch, skills and guidance.

The products….

When it comes to the making of new product, we follow three simple words: Experience. Perfection. Durability.

We use vast number of experience and bring out the best of all used materials, shapes and processes to create the product which can be used not only by the beginners but also professionals.

While testing and producing new products, our main focus is on durability.  We want that product stays with you as long as possible and defy all rough conditions on the water. Again, we use our experience that we don’t need to sacrifice performance in favour of durability or vice versa.

In all stages of process of making new product, our guide is perfection. Whether it goes for the early stages of process or late stages of fine tuning and working on small details, we know how important these are and that every small detail count in terms or better performance and durability.

If we follow all these three words (experience, perfection, durability) as much as possible, we can bring this experience of great product to the final customer – our fellow windsurfer. And only with great product your experience in the water can be satisfying and you can RECHARGE yourself.

Who are we?

We are a team of sea enthusiasts who love the water & wind and want to share the joy with others.

We are constantly in loop about windsurf and all the equipment needed to have fun on the sea. We are certain that we can recommend you the most suitable equipment for your knowledge, desires and abilities. It is not necessary that this is the cheapest or most expensive piece of equipment, but it is necessary that it is the right one you need to give you the most joy and fun on the water and helps you to charge your life’s batteries on the best possible way.


Our team includes:

- Former professional windsurfer,

- the man who sailed on the board in front of Cape Horn - Windsurfing Cape Horn,

- international sailing instructor,

- owner of the Slovenian speed record on the windsurf board,

- coach and windsurf instructor.

Welcome in Recharge!